Mar 2017
Dec 2016
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Portland to heavily tax companies if their CEO earns too much money

Jazz Shaw Dec 11, 2016 2:01 PM

We want you to succeed… just not too much

Nov 2016
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A roundup of last night’s protests and rioting (with video)

John Sexton Nov 11, 2016 2:41 PM

“some lit firecrackers, sparked small blazes and used rocks and baseball bats to break the glass of businesses and vehicles”

May 2016
Feb 2016
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Oregon tries a new tactic on a huge minimum wage increase

Jazz Shaw Feb 20, 2016 11:31 AM

Fight for Fifteen! (sort of)

Nov 2015
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Video: Ohio rejects marijuana legalization — with an anti-monopoly twist

Ed Morrissey Nov 04, 2015 10:01 AM

No $15/hour minimum wage, says … Portland, Maine.

Jul 2015
Apr 2012
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Occupy protester: “Dude, let’s go get guns”

Morgen Richmond Apr 23, 2012 2:41 PM

They’re baaack!